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I’ll drink to that (hick)!

 Copper is the preferred material in the construction of stills, uniquely creating a more even and smooth whisky It’s official: copper is the best metal with which to construct the stills used in the distillation of whisky.  Copper disperses the heat evenly over the surface of the still yielding a more uniform distillation process, as does stainless steel. But copper goes one better than stainless steel, because it also reacts with the sulphur released by the fermenting yeast, ridding the whisky of that chemical, which would otherwise affect the taste of the spirit, making it more bitter. The yeast actually binds itself to the copper, eventually producing copper sulphate, which adheres to the inside wall of the still, and which, after cleaning, is washed away rather than ending up in my whisky! I can shay from pershonal essshperience (hick) that – you’re my best mate, you are – the whisky from vees copper sshhtills is far more drrinkabubble van de shhtuff (burp) you get from ovver plac