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Cura cuprum

You may be surprised to learn that we don’t have a Latin motto here at Advanced Alloys, but if we did, this might be it – cura cuprum – “care with copper.” Care is built into everything that we do – from answering the phone within two rings, so that you don’t have to wait, to holding quantities of seldom-requested stock items, so that we can supply them to you quickly. And. if we are not answering the phone, we are replying to emails immediately, picking, manipulating and packing what you need, and delivering it to you the same day that you order, if you need us to. We know you also appreciate that you can order any amount of any product, and you know that we will have it in stock, manipulate in the way that you require, and pack it carefully to guarantee its arrival in perfect condition. It all comes down to knowing you, our customers.  It is our business to know what you want. We know that you will need more of certain products at certain times of year, so we make sure to kee