It’s been in the pipeline for some time - But our new website is finally here!

We have been Advanced Alloys since 1988, and, in that time, we have naturally gained a lot of experience.  Our expertise has grown; our customer service has developed; our stock has increased; our delivery has broadened; and our value-added services have multiplied.

But our website has not kept pace.  So we thought it was about time it did!  We thought it was time we reminded you of exactly how much we can do for you.

We have come to realise, in doing what we do, that listening to you is the most important factor.  If we work closely with you, we know that you will get the right product, in exactly the right quantity, manipulated if need be, in perfect condition, at the time that you need it.

Working with you in this way has led us to expand the range of products that we keep in stock, so that we can deliver them to you the same day or the next day.  And, because we know what you’ll need at different times of year, we will over-order and over-stock those items, so, without you having to ask us, we’ll have what you need, ready to deliver it to you.

Listening to you, and understanding your evolving needs, has directed us to add different types of machinery, to learn new methods and processes, so that we can cut, bend or otherwise manipulate the metal in exactly the way that you want.  And it’s meant that we’ve enhanced our handling processes and distribution services to the point where we know for certain that the metal that you want will arrive at your location in perfect condition. 

As I said, we’ve been doing all of this since 1988 – and we thought it’s about time that we shouted a bit louder about the experience that that journey has given us, the experience that we believe truly does set our expertise and service apart – and perhaps, most importantly of all, the is reason that you are the loyal customer that you are today.

Thank you!


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